Fishing in the paradisiac Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands are located in the South Pacific, in Melan

asia, east of Australia and northern New Zealand, about 1,700 km from the latter.Comprising some 320 volcanic and coral islands, but only about 100 are inhabited, as well as the islands there are more than 500 small islands scattered around the area completely uninhabited beaches and heavenly.


Pier of the paradisiac Fiji IslandsWe can highlight 9 islands, Viti Levu (with its capital Suva) and Vanua Le vu (Labasa and Savusavu), its two biggest islands and where the majority of the population (80%). The highlight of the islands is very rugged with heights from zero meters to sea level to 1,200 meters at the highest peaks because they are treated volcanic islands.Other major islands of Fiji are Taveuni, Kadavu (the third and fourth island in size respectively) and Rotumans and five hundred kilometres north of the archipelago.

These islands are produced heavy rains (up to 304 liters each year) leading to the development of a dense tropical dense forest in most mountainous areas.


Island of Nanuya LailaiThe Fiji Islands have a population of 906,000 inhabitants as of 2006, with a population density of almost 50 inhabitants/km2.

The majority of the population is Christian, but we also emphasize the Hindu and Muslim religion because of immigration from India.


The English language is basically the grounds that it was a British colony until 1970, when it declared its independence, also logically speaking Fijian local language.




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